26 2016 Mar

A Wall Mounted Lamp Helps to Brighten My Reading Space

wall mounted lampI recently have been trying to find some kind of light that I can put on the wall of my living room next to the couch. My main reason for wanting a lamp like this is that my husband likes to watch TV in the dark in the evenings. At the same time, I would like to read my book, but I cannot be in the same room as him reading if he has the lights off.

I had thought of getting a table lamp and a side table to go next to the couch, but I assumed that this would just take up way too much space in the living room. I was worried about this providing way too much light and ruining the darkness for my husband as well. I had to settle on a wall mounted lamp that I knew would work so much better for the space.

21 2015 Aug

Your Space

FurnitureDecoration in context with Furniture have an important role in designing your space. Right selection of indoor-outdoor furniture ,that make you enjoy, can serve you for a long period of time. Storages and organizers for craft , kids, office ,laundry room will keep house in order and safe. Tie a room together with style. Choose from classic dining chairs, casual floor chairs, entryway seat benches, versatile storage ottomans, end tables ,is a great way to get comfortable all around your home.  No matter how small is your room ,there  is always something to offer a lot of convenience in a little space.CREATE HAPPINESS.

21 2015 Aug

Beautiful Choices

Calla Lilly CandleholderOur house is our retrieving point, no matter where we go or how long. Going to work or taking a vacation , coming back home give us a sense of calm and peace. Finding that corner in your house that you like to relax ,or the entire place ,can be your universe of beauty. Home décor is your soul out of your body, and let that express your style.  A variety of beautiful choices for every room of your home. Add a punch of color with throw pillows; dress up a boring room with wall decor; add style and organization with wall shelves , and more. CREATE HAPPINESS.

21 2015 Aug

Outdoor Decor

Warmer temperature, nice sunny days make you spend more time outside. Entertain yourself and others in the comfort your tranquil garden or around the noisy swimming pool. Right outdoor Grill lets you dine al fresco, while Patio and Outdoor  Furniture allows you to relax with friends in style.  Great décor can start with a beautiful Waterfall Fountain which can make a great focal piece for any garden or patio. There are several types of outdoor fountains to choose from depending on your personal taste, the size of your outdoor area. Try introducing more color through  Tables and Chairs, Ottomans and Hammocks, and let it complement your garden.  Pillows can be used to dress up your furniture, they are inexpensive and easy to change around , should you get tired of the look.          Expand your gardening options with planters, hangers and stands , use containers and accessories to create tiers of lovely live plants. Captivate wildlife with elegant Birdbaths for a rose garden, or incorporate modern Bird feeders to complement a contemporary look.    Solar Lights or any other lightening   will complete and give a special touch of your surroundings.CREATE HAPPINESS.

A little tip:  This fall, blue is the surprising “it” color, and warm metals mix with  textural elements for a look that’s modern yet warm and inviting.  As the days grow cooler, go ahead and bring out those classic pumpkins and gourds.

21 2015 Aug

Your Kitchen

Just make sense to have nice arranged kitchen , if you like to cook or someone else do it for you.The pleasure to cook is completed when everything is handy , having the utensile that you need . Pots and pans , Knives ,and Small Appliances ,nice arranged and organized in your kitchen ,will make it more efficient and inviting.                                       Enjoy ,CREATE HAPPINES.

13 2015 Aug

Indoor Space

Home décor is your soul out of your body that express your style.  There is a variety of beautiful  choices  for  every room of your home. Add a punch of color with throw pillows; dress up a boring room with wall decor; add style and organization with wall shelves , and more.Organize your indoor space ,customise the house the way it brings relaxation and joy. Unique home accents : Candleholders , Fountains , Glass Art and many more , that represents everyone of us in our way. All in one place to Create Happiness.

20 2015 Apr


For some people gardening is therapy .It does work for me…Grow something amazing , and get the relaxation space in the yard , sit around and  watch it, in a rustic Swing or Bench.The right tools and supplies will help with the job of gardening. Either there is room in the back or front yard ,or get the nicest planters and pots. Small area? Hanging plants will do just as well, they need litlle care, and they decorative, too. Try to use Mini Tier Greenhouse.        Create Happiness.