20 2018 Aug

A Bistro Set Has Been The Only Thing I Need To Relax On My Balcony

Getting a good bistro set was a goal of mine for a long time. I moved into a new place and I knew that getting a bistro set would be the ideal thing for the balcony. The balcony is not that big and a bistro set is just the lovely addition that it was needing. The set has that classic wood design and I love the little table and the pretty chairs.

There is something so light and fresh about a good set of the bistro kind. This set is a nice way to enjoy a snack or some tea or just having a conversation with a friend. I have put some pretty string lights up on my balcony and have enjoyed the bistro set underneath them. We got a lantern that has been a good centerpiece to have on the table.

With the bistro set, we have been enjoying many amazing evenings out on our balcony that overlooks a pretty garden area. The set is really all that our space needs, we don’t really need any other furniture there. It is nice to have the set for enjoying some evening relaxion or some drinks and snacks on the weekends.

13 2018 Aug

Decorative Planters Invite My Guests To Stay Awhile

There is no point of having a pretty yard if the atmosphere isn’t right for sitting down and staying awhile. I have been adding some green to my yard with some planters and they have been great for ensuring some peaceful time being surrounded by nature. The ones that I have been getting for the yard have been great for my daily relaxation.

There are all kinds of great planters out there and they really add a much-needed accent for the space. They can make a big statement or be that smaller accent that is ideal for pulling the look of a space together. The right ones are great for being able to beautify any type of outdoor area. I love the look of some pretty ones in my yard.

With my decorative planters, my outdoor space has been coming together really well. The planters are stylish and they are just what my yard needs to really keep it full of life and energy. I like to put some pretty ones near the patio furniture and around my other plants. I like to have plants all year long and the planters are nice for creating my fabulous serene outdoor space that is always ready to greet guests with some beauty.