There is nothing like feeling the breeze and enjoying the view from a good garden swing. I first enjoyed one when at a ski resort in the summer with my family. This was a few years ago. The resort had a nice garden swing outside of it that faced the amazing view of the mountains and the spot where most of the slopes are in the wintertime.

It was cool to sit on that swing at the ski resort and to look at the chairlifts and imagine what the ski resort is like in the winter and enjoy some conversation. I was at kind of a crossroads in my life at the time and I still remember the great conversation that I had with my mom that lasted for a few hours. The rest of my family went inside early to go to bed, and my mom stayed up with me and we talked and enjoyed the view.

It was really nice to enjoy that wooden garden swing that summer with my mom, and now I have my own swing that has been awesome in my own yard. I can have those magical moments on the swing just like the ones that I shared with my mom that summer. The swing that I got has a great wooden design and it looks awesome among my plants in my yard.

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